• Vernon Allamby

Hello to spring, the “Perfect Storm”. Are You Making 2.5X Returns on Your Investment?

Good morning! to you all. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful first day of spring and looking forward to warmer days ahead.

“The Deal Room” here at Arela Partners is positioned to close some big multifamily deals this season. The pandemic fallout is filling our inbox with all kinds of large hospitality and multifamily deal flow. We are very busy reviewing deal prospects and evaluating the value add opportunity they might offer our community of connected and informed investors to purchase or invest.

The perfect storm”.

We are cautiously optimistic that strong home buyer demand, combined with continued low interest rates and a very limited single family housing supply creates the perfect storm scenario for a surge in condominium and alternative housing sales. Arela partners and it’s managment team are experts at finding and creating value in alternative housing.

Timing is a key factor for financial success when it’s combined with the right investment strategy. Now is the time for you to realize 2.5x or more from your investment. Contact us to earn more.

“Your money Blooms in “The Deal Room”. 😊

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