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Invest In the CRE Growth Fund I LP

The Investment 

The CRE Growth Fund I LP is Available to qualified Investors only!

Minimum Investment

Targeted Investor IRR

Targeted Equity Multiple

Targeted Stabilized Cash Yield

Targeted Investment Period





5 yrs

Our Strategy 

The fund Identifies niche real estate markets, ventures and strategies that provide value add opportunity to create above average returns with limited downside risk.

We actively seek to Purchase Properties or Partner with Property Owners of Mid to Large scale Residential Apartment, Hospitality type, Hotels, Senior Housing, Assisted Living and Student Housing Properties. We also make  Equity Investments into projects or funds where the sponsors of those projects have a multi project track record for success.   


The existing property can be under-performing, require substantial improvements and must be located in a rapidly growing U.S. Cities or their nearby suburbs.

To Invest or to learn more about the investment opportunity please answers the follow questions: