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Invest In the ArelaP Med Fund LP

The Investment 

The ArelaP Med Fund LP is Available to qualified Investors only! 

A minimum investment of $500,000.00 for a minimum period of 3 years is required in order to participate in the ArelaP Med Fund LP. We invest in Residential Apartments, Rental Town Homes and Single family residence development. Substantial Improvement or Shovel Ready Development, Planned Community Redevelopment and Projects,  Hospitality Projects, Student and Senior housing Projects.

Our Strategy 

The Opportunity Zone initiative created under the new Federal Regulation has provided a un-precedented incentive to invest patient capital in a way that we have never seen. Our investment strategy is adapted to seize the chance to dramatically change economically under-performing communities into communities of people that can thrive and be self-supporting. We also have the greater chance of earning significantly higher returns on investment by purchasing below market real estate inventory, with the goal of creating and adding value.

The ARELA Opportunity Zone Fund intends to focus on identifying cities and opportunity zoned communities where we can Make, rather than Chase the market.  We seek to plan strategic development. We will joint venture where possible with other opportunity zone developers to build or redevelop the community in a way that planning, esthetics, design and timing will positively impact the market demand and viability for that community.  This strategy in addition to making good investment sense for significant investor returns, will, by its inherent nature, create jobs and attract economic growth and asset value.

To Invest or to learn more about the investment opportunity please answers the follow questions:

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