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88 units







Proposed For 

Multifamily Convert


January 22, 2023

Accredited Investors

Investment Summary

Minimum Investment

Proposed Offer Price

Proposed Use 

Proposed Unit Sale/Rent

Proposed total Cost

Projected Net

Projected ROI

Proposed Hold Period

Offer Cap Rate

Projected IRR







3 Yrs



Flexlii Rent

Our Strategy 

The AP fund Identifies niche real-estate ventures and employs strategies in growth markets that provide value add opportunity for our investors at above average returns with limited downside risk.

We are presently raising this fund to acquire the property stated above and or such other properties with similar qualities and investment return objectives. Investment is subject to the acceptance of the associated offering memorandum to be provided upon Investor approval.

Project Summary

This is a unique opportunity for you to invest in something truly revolutionary. A little known but rapidly expanding asset class being referred to as multigenerational housing is emerging .

Arela is determined to be at the forefront of this style of development as it truly supports forward thinking for living and housing.

Our unique development style offers Buyers and Renters the flexibility and affordability they seek in today’s competitive rental and for sale market.

The present pandemic is providing opportunities to purchase and repurpose certain undervalued and underutilized real estate assets for purposeful and productive use at a development cost allowing for better than average return on Investment.

We are developing and bringing to market, investor participation friendly properties that offer our residents flexibility. We employ short term lease options and hospitality style living. We design our properties with expandable floor plans and unit configurations to easily accommodate individual or multi person and family shared living. 

Our management method offers young and active senior adults amenities and lifestyle experience unique in the housing market place.

The Arela team comprises experienced, active and  forward thinking professionals, who are constantly looking forward with creative ideas to meet our resident and buyer demand, ahead of our competition.

For more information and supporting financials please review our proposed Offering Memorandum.

For the opportunity to review this project offering please review and agree to the terms of our project review agreement.

Accredited Investors

This Investment is open to

Project Review
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